Social Policy, Development and Impact



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Social Policy, Development and Impact
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Table of Contents

Introduction. 2

Reflection of neoliberal ideology by identifying three examples/phrases. 2

Critical analysis of the examples reflecting values, attitudes, norms and/or political beliefs of neoliberal ideology  2

Analysis of one of the three examples relates to one core social work value. 2

Conclusion. 2

References. 3





The present assessment would attempt to analyse the aspect of neoliberalism and how the neoliberal state functions and how that helps the aspect of social work to gets developed. With the implementation of neoliberalism how that affects the overall aspect of social work would also be equally a relevant aspect of the discussion. Process of privatisation, and also marketisation dominating while the idea of social citizenship being slowly destroyed in the favour of employment incentivisation and the abolishment of welfare dependency (Aadam & Petrakis, 2020). The establishment of market-oriented reform policies while ensuring to eliminate the price controls, liberalism from the markets and deregulations of capital markets and also the reduction of the trade barriers while ensuring the aspect of privatisation and ensuring that the state influences the economy is a relevant aspect of the overall assessment (Egan & Wexler, 2021). The implications of neoliberalism while acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the neoliberal ideology and the reflection of values, norms or even political beliefs they convey would be an integral aspect of the assessment, an effective way of comprehensive understanding on the same. The understanding of the core social work values of the neoliberal ideological examples that have been identified would be included for a consistent conceptual relevance (Mason & Barraket, 2017).

Reflection of neoliberal ideology by identifying three examples/phrases

  1. The free market competition of commonly associated with the laissez-faire economics
  2. Sustained economic growth
  3. Minimal state intervention in economic state and social affairs

When the discussion of free-market competition is considered, the aspect of the economy with an unobstructed competition is considered. The aspect of private transactions between the buyers and the sellers is something that the free market consistently emphasises on. Implementation of any voluntary economic activities without any control or influence by the coercive central authorities (Meltzer, Robinson & Fisher, 2020). Oftentimes, the aspect of the free market concept is associate with the voluntary socialism of a laissez-faire economy where taking place of prior mutual agreement in the aspect of a voluntary contract is considered (Pawar, Hugman, Anscombe & Alexandra, 2020). Although contemporary countries do not consider completely inhibited free markets, however, free markets are generally coinciding with the countries that often value private property and individuals’ rights and even capitalism (Patil & Ennis, 2018). A political system that generally shies away or stays always from any sort of regulations for individual’s behaviour, they generally tend to interfere less in any sorts of voluntary economic transactions (Tilakaratna & Szenes, 2020).

Sustainable economic growth under the neoliberal ideology is one of the major reflection of neoliberalists really stand for and it often suggests the economic growth rate that could possibly be maintained without developing any additional or any economic problems at all (Egan & Wexler, 2021). It is generally adapted by the social workers in a neoliberal state considering the future generations and therefore the aspect of prediction and foreseeing is something that is often considered in terms of the economic developments (Gray, Midgley & Webb, 2012). Under the sustainable economic growth, a trade-off between economic growth today and economic growth tomorrow is often considered and the rapid growth of today’s economy have the chances of exhausting the resources and could possibly crate some sort of environmental crisis for the future generations (Stonehouse, Threlkeld & Farmer, 2015). However, the real output increasing over time, and the effective measurement of the same using GDP system at a constant price, the aspect of sustainable economic growth is established or even identified (Hosken, 2018).

Economic intervention is something that is often associated with the government intervention or the state intervention something that is considered to be one of the most relevant aspect of promoting general economic fairness and how the intervention of the government could possibly lessen the extreme economic pollutions and maximize the aspect of social welfare overall (Meltzer, Robinson & Fisher, 2020). However, with the aspect of neoliberalism, the aspect of nominal economic intervention is often stating as one of the neoliberal ideologies (Gray, Midgley & Webb, 2012). The commitment of the neoliberalists to the economic and social affairs and its overall aspect of acquiring freedom in trade and capital (Meltzer, Robinson & Fisher, 2020). The freedom against the extreme power of the government is something that neoliberalism consistently reflects upon and therefore the aspect of nominal intervention or interference of the state government into the aspect of social welfare or trade is often promoted (Gray, Midgley & Webb, 2012).

Critical analysis of the examples reflecting values, attitudes, norms and/or political beliefs of neoliberal ideology

Free market is something that asserts the aspect of putting values on the aspect of protecting the property rights and how they are protected (Moran, Seibert, Barnes & Martin, 2020). Generally, this is where the connection of capitalists with the neoliberal state lies where the capitalists have or receive incentive to pursue profits. In the free market ideology of neoliberal state, the concept of financial needs facilitation is a constant phenomenon specially for those who cannot or do not wish to self-finance (Hosken, 2018). Consistent acquiring of savings instead of consumption of the present wealth is something that is considered. Whereas, the pursuit of entrepreneurial activity is something that is often considered especially gaining benefits from stocks and bonds (Egan & Wexler, 2021). One of the most effective political aspect of free market is that the political groups are most likely to not get involved or shy away from any sorts of regulations that is necessary for individual behaviour and do not wish to interfere into the aspect of any sorts of self-interests or self-finance process developments (Dalton, Draper, Weeks & Wiseman, 2020).

Sustainable economic growth puts a lot of values on the aspect of goods and service inflation, something that indicates the state of sustainable economy in a country (Aadam & Petrakis, 2020). Thus, the price inflation, labour shortage or even house price inflation are some of the most effective consequences that come out of the sustainable economic growth and that it does bare the values of the sustainable economic growth (Williams and Grant, 2018). With the aspect of good economic growth also leads towards excessive credits and wage inflations something that affects the economic growth overall and helps create an effective economic disposition of the neoliberal state (Tilakaratna & Szenes, 2020). The aspect of having a resilient economy is what the overall economic state with the implication of the neoliberal ideology focuses upon. While focusing on a sustained economical disposition, this alone reflects the value of developing quality life for everybody within the economy (Stonehouse, Threlkeld & Farmer, 2015).

Nominal intervention in economic state and social affairs is something that is considerably one of the most affective aspect of a neoliberal state. The aspect of conceptualising the aspect of privatizing properties and allowing the companies and business owners to self-finance is something that is considered effectively (Stanton & Regan, 2018). The overall aspect of having free market is something that the neoliberal state takes quite seriously and they tend to impose a series of aspect where the commitment to freedom of trade and capital is quite consistent (Pawar, Hugman, Anscombe & Alexandra, 2020).  The freedom against the government, individual freedom is what the classic neoliberalism is what all about and that is where the aspect of nominal intervention into the state and social affairs by the government is something that they consistently consider (Patil & Ennis, 2018). Since the intervention of the government could possibly lessen the extreme economic pollutions and maximize the aspect of social welfare overall, the aspect of nominal state intervention in the social and state affairs have been adapted by the neoliberal states (Papadopoulos, 2018). The position of economic policies while favouring the government intervention is something that is avoided by the neoliberalists and the aspect of them rectifying the market failures or promoting the general welfare of the people, it is the people and the business owners and the people who are directly involved in the trading process are provided that freedom to identify and improve any possible market failures (Moran, Seibert, Barnes & Martin, 2020).

Analysis of one of the three examples relates to one core social work value

The code of ethics of the AASW is consisted of a series of code of practices based on social work values that the Australian government has decided to add with. The code of ethics considers different aspects such as the ethical principles, ethical decision-making process and even ethical and social work profession (Meltzer, Robinson & Fisher, 2020). The aspect of one neoliberal ideology would be discussed using the code of ethics of AASW would be compared and critically analysed. The aspect of sustainable economic growth is something that has been considered and the implication of the code of ethics would be further evaluated with it (Moran, Seibert, Barnes & Martin, 2020). The first code of ethics in AASW state that the social worker is supposed to be socially and ethically responsible and therefore follows certain aspect to ensure the sustainable economic growth. Collective and individual working would be considered and resolving personal and even interpersonal problems would be ideal according to the code of ethics (Meltzer, Robinson & Fisher, 2020). Implementation of ethical understanding of how to protect the vulnerable from any sorts of oppression and abuses or even facilitating engagement the aspect of the broader society is something that needs to be considered with the developments of the improved economy and the rate of growth would be sustainable reinforcing the ideology of neoliberalism (Mason & Barraket, 2017). Social work value also implements the code of ethics from the AASW where the ethical principles consider the aspect of social justice, professional integrity, and the aspect of respecting everybody. The implementation of these ethical principles would improve the aspect of fair economy and would help facilitate the free market in all aspects (Hosken, 2017).

Ethical decision making process according to the AASW code of ethics, is also something that the sustainable economic growth could possibly consider and therefore the aspect of having comprehensive information and information that are relevant in regards to the economy are to be acquired and effectively collected in order to be able to make decision that could be effective and considered ethics while ensuring the growth rate of economy is consistent, as in the context of laissez-faire economy (Hosken, 2018). The aspect of identifying the risk from the decision-making prices to all the parties are to be observed and with that the aspect of making ethically appropriate decision making would be efficiently conducted (Green, 2019). Considering the ethical responsibilities, where the aspect of cultural safety and sensitivity would be considered while implementing anything regarding the sustainable economic growth, something that states the aspect of how the implementation process would be conducted (Gray, Midgley & Webb, 2012). The aspect of consistent commitment to social justice and the aspect of human rights is something that is to be considered with the involvement of effective demonstration of respect, consistent contribution to the professional expertise, in this case economic experts, while seeking to eliminate any sort of discrimination and oppression against the against the people on the basis of socio-economic status is to be considered while establishing the sustainable economic growth following the neoliberal ideologies of the contemporary world (Egan & Wexler, 2021).


The aspect of neoliberalism is something that has been consistently discussed and with the aspect of three ideologies it has been quite reflective of the kinds of value and social norms that it implements onto the society. The neoliberal state and its overall implementation on the development of the overall strategic improvements of the societal developments (Dalton, Draper, Weeks & Wiseman, 2020). This ideological views from the telescope of neoliberalism has been discussed and m meticulously analysed to effectively come to a comprehensive understanding of how to create the connect of credible economic development with the sustainable rate of growth where the aspect of free market and free economy would be considered at all costs. The economic intervention would be avoided and no intervention by the government would be imposed in the free market. It also reveals the commitment to the aspect of freedom in terms of the both capital and trade and how it could possibly increase the aspect of credible development after all (Aadam & Petrakis, 2020).




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