Safety protocol and procedures quetions



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Safety protocol and procedures quetions
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LAB 1: Introduction to Shop Safety 

     Student:                                                     Date:                      Instructor:




  1. This lab will have you identify the purpose and safety requirements for the following shop equipment.


Inspection of shop equipment


1.Engine stand

Before each usage of the stand, a complete visual examination is needed. Verify the wells have been fractured or split, undue roast, unloose, destroyed, or lacking pieces. Checked the smooth operation of wheels and rollers.

Until applying the load, ensure that the assembly plate rotating lock functions correctly. If all of the above or other issues occur, delete the stand from the service.

Verify that the sticker is readable and firmly stuck to the booth. If an excessive load or shock load occurs on a stand, the stand should be inspected promptly before the frame is placed on or off again.

2.Bench/Pedestal Grinder

If fixed equipment is used, such as a bench or totem pole grinder, several security actions should be adopted before work begins.

Confirm that the grinder is fixed onto a sturdy tripod like a heavy laboratory or floor firmly and safely. Refer often to the advice of the maker to ensure that every bench or footwear is appropriately installed.

Before any use, check the grinding machine and all fittings. Before utilizing the grinder, safety covers and safeguards must be in position, correctly balanced, and protected.

The optimum running speed is shown by RPM (revolutions per minute). Ensure that the wheel that you are using matches or reaches the tool’s rating.

Make sure the chosen wheel is suitable for the mission. Do not grind material that has not been made for the revolution. Please do not use a fallen wheel, even though it seems undamaged. It can be weakened or unstable enough to disintegrate as used.

Make sure the grinder functions smoothly. If noise or sound is extraordinary, switching the hero off and investigating the problem before work begins.


Turn off the grinding machine when the assignment is over and wait before the wheel stops.

3.Parts washer/solvent tank

Before use

  • Locate and guarantee that all processes and controls of the system are familiar.
  • Ensure fitness, safety, and functionality of all guards. It May not function if guards lack or are defective.
  • Ensure that every component cushion tank used for flammable solvents has an approved auto-locking mechanism (i.e., a fuse connection) that enables the cushion to be automatically closed off an incendiary occurrence and allows for manual closing if necessary.
  • Make sure electrical cables or light fittings are sound and in good order, connected, and close to washer sections with fuel or flammable solvents. Not near the tank must be running flexible control extension cables.
  • For relevant technical details and precautionary measurements of the components used in this equipment, consult the Safety Information (MSDS).
  • Make sure ventilation is sufficient.
  • Check the work areas and walks to make sure there are no risks to slip/trip.
  • No exposed flames or sources of ignition are available.


When in use

  • Know of other locally affected individuals. Before starting machinery, make sure the field is safe.
  • Methods for proper lifting.
  • If not in service, keep the lid locked.

After use

  • When the job is done, turn off the unit.
  • Closing the lid.
  • Wash hands for any usage with soap and water.
  • Automatically clean up spills

. Don’t leave filthy rags/parts/tools.

  • Leave a secure, clean, and intelligent working environment.








4.Fire extinguisher

Before use

Verify a repair or testing tag or log is available for the extinguisher. To ensure that the extinctor is monitored regularly, the inspection is not yet performed for the current month; check tag or log. The majority of extinctors have a sticker added to indicate that the inspection times are up to date.

To verify the marker pointed to the green region, check the gauge. The operator is thereby made aware of the wholly loaded and ready-to-use extinguisher. The gage on the south is very difficult to decipher, while on the right-hand side, it has been seen to be simpler to read. If the green-yellow arrow does not exist, the local fire station would have to repair the extinguisher or, in some situations, be filled again.

While using

Check that the pin is in order such that the exhaust does not discharge unintentionally throughout the process. Some extinguishers have a plastic safety sticker that prevents the pin from breaking off or being pulled unintentionally while handling. A small zip tie is used for the image above. If the safety tag is off, a zip tie should be used to guarantee that the pin is not dropped. Should the pin be off, the extinguisher may be an indicator.

After use

Check for any dents, punchings, corrosion, or physical harm to the fire extinguisher cylinder. In terms of injury to the cylinders, it is necessary to repair the fire extinguisher. A broken or corroded fire extinguisher can be highly hazardous and can fail since the components are pressurized. Please notify the nearest fire department for disposal of damaged extinguishers.

Check for splits, kinks, breaks, and cylinder safety. See inside the extinguisher’s tube and nozzle for obstacles or blockages. If the line is an issue, the extinctor has to be replaced, or just the line needs repair in certain situations. Your central fire branch can be consulted.


5.Electric drill 

Before use

  • Make sure you are well qualified to use the app safely. Until using the instrument, read the operator’s manual and use the tool according to the maker’s directions. Use only devices that have been reviewed and accepted.
  • Ensure a good guard, shield, or other attachment is on the power tool recommended by the retailer.
  • Shock avoidance. Protect consumers with an electrical shock to ensure that the instruments are correctly grounded with a three-prong plug (and labeled as such) or supported by an insulator with low-voltage insulation,


  • Electric tools check to ensure a 3-prong plug is equipped with an appropriate 3-wire cable. A fully grounded 3-pole outlet should be connected to the three-pole socket. If a two-hole receptacle adapter is to be used, the adapter wire must be connected to a specified working surface. NEVER cut the third base from a socket.

While using

  • Use personal protective appliances (SPE) or clothes suitable for your job, including safety glasses, guns, face-shaves (safe glasses or guns), ear protection, dust cover, gloves, safety boots, or rubber boots.
  • Turn the tools off until the supply is linked.
  • If the power cord feels warmer than comfortably or if the device sparks, an electrical contractor or another competent individual must inspect it.
  • Disconnect the power source before making changes or accessories.
  • Remove both wrenches and drills when activating a function.
  • Check the cord before each usage for breaking or injury. Tag deficient tools with an “Out of use” tag and automatically substitute them with a mechanism that works well.
  • Hold power strings out of the instruments and the direction the method takes during operation.

After use

  • Eliminate connections to pulses: use a power bar or electrical distribution strip with an internal power cord and an integrated over-current safety where more only one vessel plug is required.
  • Drag the plug, not a cord, whether a gadget is unplugged. The line pulls trigger wear that may negatively impact the cable to the socket and cause the operator electrical shock.
  • To maintain the work area clear of dust and litter, which can pose risks or fall, following good homekeeping processes.
  • Keep cables away from fire, water, oil, and sharp edges. It will injure and create a shock to the insulation.
  • Ensure sharp, cleaned, and well-managed cutting equipment, boiler parts, and so on.
  • Store instruments in a secure, dry place when not needed.

Importance of Inspection to these tools

You ensure that your hardware is in top form with regular inspections and can handle the most challenging tasks. An experienced technician can determine whether minor repairs will make a dramatic impact and recommend repairs to improve your equipment. An inspector of the equipment can point out details of your team.

Regular inspections ensure your employees’ safety, most of all. You can achieve projects and with tranquillity, knowing that your equipment is good. There is no reason why you do not carry out regular inspections and use your heavy equipment investments to the maximum—not persuaded yet? Please continue to read about examinations and why it is crucial for your lifetime.




For the following items, identify the proper use and disposal of hazardous materials. Include what the storage containers are made of and why the material is used in the construction.

  1. Oily rag disposal container/bin

avoid ignition flames, oil and preservative rags must be safely treated and disposed of. In all environments where explosive and flammable products are used and processed, it is necessary to maintain adequate fire extinguishing machinery and smoke detectors.


The spontaneous combustion risk of oil-soaked rags is due to the release of heat when oil oxidizes. It will accumulate and spark rags if heat is not dissipated. To store oil-swept rags, special oily-waste containers can be included. These containers cause air to circulate the traps so that heat is dissipated. There are no rubber liners in the waste containers, and they must be emptied every day.


Solvent-sowed rags are not a danger of spontaneous combustion but may be a danger of burning, given the flammability of specific solutions. The solvents may even evaporate and provide a health risk. Solvent-soaked rags must be put into locked bins to prevent evaporation and the chances that someone throws a lit cigarette and causes a fire on the rags. Daily emptying of the bottle and evaporating outside is permitted.


They are made out of polyethylene to be compliant with most chemicals used in gasoline and oil. These waste cans help you comply and avoid accidental combustion with the waste management legislation.

  1. Oil & Filter recycling receptacle

Be sure to place your filter on its side to enable it to drain over the oven to ensure that the gravity drains as much loose petroleum as possible while preparing your filter for recycling. Place the used filter into a replenishable bag or a secure and clean tub. Wire gauze, cloth, paper, etc., are widely used as filtering content.

Their containers are made of microscopic fibers of synthetic, glass, and polyester fibers, which improve the performance and longevity of filters. The medium is often resin-saturated for power and rigidity. More synthetic fibers have higher-grade filters.

  1. Flammable material storage cabinet

      Store the flammable and fuel fluids contributing to the workplace according to the legislation, namely construction, safety, and electrical regulations. These regulations prescribe the type of storage facilities permitted for certain liquids, such as warehouses and cabinets. They also describe how these storage areas are built and the volumes of flame retardant and fuel liquids in various container forms that can be stored in any storage region. The amount (how much) of the substance that can be deposited can also be limited.

Flammable and fuel-fired cabinets shall be built with dual-walled steel and isolated air space on top, bottom, faces, and the doors. Joints must be soldered or welded, and the window must be latched with a three-point set-up. Use certified, correctly labeled safety containers while dealing with flame retardant and fuel fluids as far as practicable. “Approved” containers are containers authorized by laboratories that are appropriate to public authorities.

The flame-proof products are used to make flammable storage cabinets that reduce the danger considerably.


  1. Antifreeze recycling receptacle

      The products are poisonous. Improper storing or recycling of propylene glycol antifreeze can affect the well-being of human beings and the environment adversely. The containers are made of Ethylene glycol-dependent antifreeze, which is a pleasant taste that can be accidentally consumed by young children or animals if processed or poorly disposed of. Since the propylene glycol-based antifreeze is much less harmful than ethylene glycol, the protection of resources needs to accumulate and proper end-of-life management.

collect and store antifreeze from heat sources, kids, and pets in locked, labeled, plastic or metal containers

Handle this antifreeze in a well-ventilated environment, clean up spills in absorbent substances such as cat weights. The antifreeze is transmitted and refined, and used for other uses until it has been resold as an antifreeze engine.


  • What items are to be placed in the containers?

The usage of liquid containers and other solid chemicals

  • What type of material are the containers used in their construction?

The regular storage and recycling of liquid and solid toxic substances need plastic and glass bottles up to five gallons and plastic containers up to one gallon.

  • When should these hazardous waste receptacles be emptied?

The Environment Ministry (MOE) restricts toxic waste disposal to three or fewer months.

  • Why are these containers used in workshops?

They store waste to avoid leaks to the ground.

  • Can oil and antifreeze be mixed and stored in the same container?

It is impossible to combine and store waste together. Everything can be stored individually.

  • Why are flammable material cabinets required?

It is necessary to use a flammable storage cabinet.

Flammable liquids are highly reactive compounds such as oils, thinners, gas, and acetone. Flammable substances must be kept securely and in conformity due to their high flammability. If flammable liquids are not stored safely, a workshop may lead to severe damage to humans, property, and the atmosphere.

  • What is contained in a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)?

The SDS provides details on the characteristics of each substance, physical, health, and environmental risks, safeguards, and safety procedures for processing, storage, and transportation of this chemical.

  • Should SDS book(s) be stored in a secure location where the employer controls access?

Yes. This prevents the SDS from being diapered and therefore easily accessible.

  • What type of fire extinguisher should be used on an electrical fire?

CO2 extinguishers are suitable for usage in environments where many electrical appliances, such as offices or computer rooms, are used safely on electric equipment fires. Unlike a foam extinguisher, atmospheric carbon fire extinguishers do not leave any waste.

  • Compressed air can be used to blow the dust and dirt off your clothes while wearing them as long as you keep the nozzle more than 12cm away?

No. None can use the air compressor to scrub up in certain conditions.

  • Applying an adhesive bandage to a cut is sufficient first aid, and I am not required to report the injury.

No. A tourniquet is used while a wound is present in conjunction with a dressing.


  • What temperature water do Emergency showers uses and why?

16-38°C (60-100°F), respectively. Temperature. Eye-harmful temperatures above 38°C can enhance chemical skin irritation and eyes.

  • Eyewash stations in the shop must be kept clean to prevent…..?

This prevents the development of dangerous microbes that cause infections.

  • If methods such as battery acid, cold or acidic cleaners are used, the consumer should check the danger and protection to decide what personal protective devices may be worn.









  1. Safety protocol and procedures (10 marks)

Why people are required while you are at a college workshop

PPE may provide survival helmets, goggles, protective eyes, bomb squad suits, increased clothing, safety shoes, safety strap, earplugs, and breathing devices at the school workshop (RPE). Available PPE may be given, e.g., single-use coveralls in appropriate circumstances. In college, students are required to have and utilize personal protection devices in the workplace. PPE only safeguards the individual who uses it, while risk-control mechanisms at the root will protect everyone at work;

PPE rarely meets theoretical optimal protective standards, and it isn’t easy to ascertain the actual extent of defense. The only equipment that is appropriately equipped, repaired, and adequately operated will provide adequate protection; the PPE can limit the wearer by restricting movement, vision, or additional weight. The use of PEP will change the understanding of workers of the risks they face.


PPE required while dealing with lead-acid batteries and their purposes.

I was wearing protection supplies, including sprinklers, masks, and aprons. Wear personal safety devices. Similar PPE might be required, for example, a face shield with protective guns.

Use personal protective equipment (PPE), including a chemical sprinkler, and a mask protector, to prevent sprinkling acid in your ears. Skin discomfort, harm to the eye, respiratory irritation, and tooth enamel loss may contribute to acid exposure. Lean on a battery while it is boosted, tested, or charged.






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