Identification of social media channels and their usage



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Identification of social media channels and their usage
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Identification of social media channels and their usage

Charles Darwin University is one of the reputed academic institutions out in the world, and especially in the context of the Australian nation. It has been a severely impactful administration for decades in the Australian market (Tutor, 2018). The university runs its social media channels effectively on various platforms to effectively conduct its online marketing and also to have a social media presence on a global scale, something that allows them for a global reach and have a consistent development academically (Cameron et al. 2018). The university primarily has its channels on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. The overall developments of these social media channels are some of the most effective ways how the university can have a consistent global presence, and as well as in the Australian market (Yigitcanlar et al. 2020). It allows the institute to reach for the overall development of institutions as a global centre that promotes education, academic, systematic learnings and global networks. The involvements of social media channels are some of the most effective global developments that the university has been able to achieve. It has helped the institution to have a consistent reach for all the individuals who are interested in all the relevant aspects of education and lifestyles that the institution stands for (Warton, 2019). With the systematic running of all the social media channels, the institution can keep their networking expanded and also reach for a global connection overall. The developments of the special media channels have helped the university to establish its positions completely on a global platform, something that had led to the universal developments of the university as a global institute (Hefler et al. 2020).

The university has an Instagram channel that allows the institute to develop and share a better visual representation of the university-oriented activities that happen within the premises and above the organization (Sadowski et al. 2017). This platform allows the institute to have a visual representation of all the relevant university activities, and all the necessary community-driven woks that they effectively conduct while having all the institutional staffs and members. The students are also a contributor in that aspect and contribute to the visual representation of the institution. They conduct different community-oriented works that have consistently added up to the values of the global institute (Rapanta et al. 2020). The media channel of the university on Facebook, helps the institutional community have a consistent channel that keeps the community connected and allow them to effectively share the overall institutional oriented information that helps for better reachability (Carah et al. 2018). With the involvement of the LinkedIn social media platform, the university can have a business up front, something that contributes to the developments of the overall establishment of the northern territory (van Roden, 2019). It brings all the employees together on the same platform and helps them keep motivated and uniformly connected that allow them to have a uniform platform that allows the institution to have a much better operational development. It allows the institute to have a platform that showcases the business sides of the institute and how it allows the university to have a global reach effectively and achieve organisational identity (Tutor, 2018).

Analysis of the social media channels and their usage

Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, or even LinkedIn have been some of the most effectively used social media channels for Charles Darwin University, Australia (Glover et al. 2018). The effective usage of these social media channels have helped the institute effectively create a platform for all global audiences to reach out effectively, it allows the institute to have a proper establishment on the global platform something that leads to the developments of an institute as an internal community. The usages of these social media channels have also helped the university to share their media online such as the photos, videos, live videos and many other different media overall (Rapanta et al. 2020). It allows the business of the institute to have beneficial adventures with the involvements of these social media channels. These social media channels are invaluable and are extremely incremental contributors to the aspect of crating brand awareness, something that allows the institute to have a better reach for their global audiences (Hamadi et al. 2020). Apart from brand awareness, the consistent usage of the social media channels allows the institute to have a lead generation effectively using online platforms, allow to develop audience engagements something that brings out different insights and also create diverse perspectives, and other social marketing goals are effectively fulfilled with the involvements of the social media channels eventually (Unnithan et al. 2018).

Besides just connecting people on a global scale, utilisation of social media channels leads to the eventual developments of relationships amongst all the different brands, campaigns and the enterprises (Hefler et al. 2020). It allows the institute to stay connected with other institute of their same interests or not, helps them create a network where they can uniformly have a health discussion and possibly find an outlook on different digital issues and social media-oriented solutions (Hamadi et al. 2020). The major focus of using social media channels is to have the institute as a medium and making sure that the people are able to use and have an access to the usage of the products and all the relevant resources available at the online portals of the university effectively, especially while using and accessing them digitally or virtually (Dwivedi et al. 2019). Besides sharing information and ideas, the use of social media channels allows the institute to create a brand image and develop a global recognition, something that would going to create a long-term image for the institute for the overall developments overall (Glover et al. 2018). It helps the university to promote their own unique products and services and how they provide different academic courses for their potential learners and that allows the global aspiring students to reach out to them effectively (Warton, 2019).

Establishments of the positives and the negatives of using social media

With the significant technological advancements that social media channels bring, it equally has a set of negative aspects to it, equally. Internet-based social media tools like the Facebook, Instagram or even LinkedIn where the presence of Charles Darwin University is quite consistent have both positive and negative impacts on their social media presence (Campbell, 2020). The positive aspect of being on social, media platforms, it allows the institutional people to effectively be on board together where they all can access information and exchange ideas effectively and the revolution of how people communicate has been modified and elevated with the help of the social media channels. It had changed how people used to communicate and how the interaction used to be conducted in the primitive times (Cameron et al. 2018). Thanks to the social media channels that the aspect of connecting with different people have become conveniently easier and become quite significant how the people are able to access different information and relevant resources effectively and still could be present on a global platform while continue to expand their network, efficiently. The positive impacts also include how the people feel empowered with the institute’s digital presences on the social media platforms and how that get effectively elevated and expands the way people used to connect (Yigitcanlar et al. 2020). The way social media channels provided different platforms and additional opportunities to the enterprises and academic institutes like Charles Darwin University it has helped the people to be there for each other, be it business related solutions or professional or even personal problems (Warton, 2019). By nurturing and expanding the relationship, social media channels have been able to strengthen human connection especially amongst the communities across Australia. By focusing on the existing relationships, social media channels have been able to exponentially increase the resources where the aspect of acquiring supports from the peers become much more convenient (Unnithan et al. 2018).

These positive traits that have been discussed could possibly take a 360 degree turn and could be potentially dangerous for the institution’s social media presence and their users (van Roden, 2019). The aspect of anonymity on social media channels could be potentially risky and could have a severe impact on the students’ or the institution’s reputation. The overall development of the university is happening right before the global reach of the users digitally. Unauthorised users therefore could potentially take advantage of the vulnerability of the users and could potentially exploit theses users and their private information, something that could be extremely effective for them (Tutor, 2018). It could also potentially ruin the brand image or reputation that the institute has been creating for all the years on the digital platforms that they have been able to create could potentially put them in jeopardy. The aspect of monitoring without the other entity or the user’s knowledge could also be detrimental for the security aspect of that individual or collective entity (Sadowski et al. 2017). Apart from bringing people for constructive reasons and fruitful exchanges, it could also connect misguided and ill-informed people together and could potentially exploit some individuals who are vulnerable. It could potentially spread information that are far from truth and completely inaccurate, that could lead to the decline of reputation and institutional integrity of the organization (Rapanta et al. 2020). With the misguided and wrongly informed people being together, it could potentially further fuel the process of spreading negative news and that it could also help break out the negative thoughts, attitudes and beliefs something that could potentially be extremely detrimental for the overall developments of the digital image or online reputation of the in statute like Charles Darwin University. Mostly young people are at the most risks since they are the most impressionable generation that could easily be the target of internet violence and digital terrorism or even online bullying and cyber-attacks, therefore the aspect of negative impacts of social media channels are as severe as it is when it comes to the positive impacts of the social media platforms (Prokofieva and Miah, 2020).

Identification of the current problems associated with the social media usage

The harmful aspect of the social media channels could possibly be detrimental for the overall developments of high-risk sexual behaviour, something that could potentially be developing bad and negative attributes and result in detrimental impacts of the society. One of the biggest problems that the experts have been noticing lately is that the adverse effects of social media addiction and the risks of these addiction on the health has been detrimental overall (Jayawardena et al. 2020). With the aspect of internet and use of social media platforms, and increasing use of electronic media have severely impacted the habit of day-to-day activities and also the activities such as sleeping or even eating and other additional habits. It, in a way creates dysfunctionality for the overall developments of the daily activities and in a way develops disruption amongst the impressionable youth population, especially (Hefler et al. 2020). The aspect of digital footprint has been a growing issue in the contemporary times. The digital foot print indicates at the aspect of how the electronic media users leave behind their personal information online and something that could be later accessed, used and exploited. This information is generally recorded in the cyber space and with that it also increases the chances of these data and information to get leaked and with that it increases the aspect of the having personal information being severely revealed and exploited on digital spaces (Hamadi et al. 2020). For instance, for repute institute like the Charles Darwin University, the aspect of having digital footprint on social media channels increases the risks of their personal and organisational information to the public users. Although, institutes of this magnitude, often have better risk management and often take precautions and all the necessary preventive measures, however the emerging skilled unauthorised users and hacker could potentially use this information and access something very confidential of the institute and spread internationally (Glover et al. 2018).

With the aspect of growing usage of social media channels, it is very likely that the electronic media users would be spending times more and more on these platforms and something that could get these users addicted to these behaviours and affect their mental and physical health (Dwivedi et al. 2019). With that, it could deviate them from these users’ actual daily responsibilities and that could be detrimental for their career. The aspect of extremely reliance on online sources also make the social media users extremely dependent and also restrict them from in fact accumulating any accurate information (Carah et al. 2018). With the aspect of quick access to world information in one single click, the aspect of patience has been severely been reduced amongst the new generation and also creates a severe lack of focus and as well as the creativities amongst these users. The aspect of seeking validation is another emerging problem that is quite apparent and consistent amongst the internet users and that creates a superficial idea of what respect and attention is and also it ruins the actual human connection and relationship, because of the extreme interventions of these digital interventions (Campbell, 2020).

Identification of the additional social media channels to enhance business profits

Additional platforms such as Pinterest or Twitter, are some of the most effective social medial channels that have also been consistently contributing to the development of brand image and it helps the institute or individuals to reach for better much diverse and unconventional users and reachability. The presence of Charles Darwin University is existent on both these platforms (Cameron et al. 2018). However, platforms such as reddit or Quora do not have the presence of the institute yet. With the internet presence of Twitter or even Pinterest, the institute has been ale maximize their clients and reach the aspirant students who wish to be a part of the institute, it helps the institute to connect with other institutions effectively and indulge in different student exchanges programs and keep the network open and effective (Yigitcanlar et al. 2020). The platform of Twitter helps the institute to effectively create a network that use the media exclusively for an overall purpose of limited connections and exclusive networks that would limit within the disciplines of the institutions. This would also lead to the developments of the effective networking and an overall management of business and profits on the platform. The aspect of fake identifies and disturbing amount of privacy issues have also been a consistent development for all the problems that the company has to offer (Warton, 2019).

Figure: Infographic of criteria to select the right platform for online business

(Source: Unnithan et al. 2018)

With the involvement of heavy intern users and the aspect of so many users accessing the aspect of electronic media, the aspect of social media channels has impacted the overall developments of protected information (van Roden, 2019). The aspect of information security is very fragile and in away is heavily exploited by the internet users so consistently that it becomes digitally problematic for any reputed organisation to effectively share on a global platform like these. However, with the use of these additional social media channels, it helps the company to effectively overcome these problems and helps create a better unit and grow their businesses and profits exponentially (Unnithan et al. 2018). It allows the institute to effectively reach out to better academic sponsors who would be able to invest financially on the academic developments both for the resources and as well as the overall physical structures, it would potentially help the company to effectively develop an overall business networks and have better partnership with other institutes, something that would potentially lead towards the overall developments of the effective business management and would-be able to create a community that would be mutually benefitted from all of the business oriented activities, that they would collaboratively be performing (Tutor, 2018).

Forward planning strategy and recommendations

In the overall developments of the strategy for ensuring that the business sis getting conducted smoothly and operating without any visible inconvenience, choosing the right network or right social media channels based on what type of institute or organisation or even the enterprise it is, an important choice to make. Depending on how many monthly active users each social media platform has, the institute is required to choose social media networks accordingly to have a consistently better reach globally (Sadowski et al. 2017). At the end, it all comes down to the audiences and therefore making sure that all of them are effectively getting connected and are able to have an overall involvement in accessing and availing all the information is definitely important and relevant for the overall developments of choosing the right social media platform. In terms of making sure that the business is doing well on social media marketing, the aspect of setting goals is definitely important and relevant for the overall development of business (Rapanta et al. 2020). Having gaols would guide the institute as in what are things that they wish to achieve in this specific social media platform, what kinds of audiences they wish to attract, how quickly they wish to expand, how smooth the web traffic is on the official portal and many other aspects that are needed to be taken care of coming up with a strategy would be another exponentially important aspect of the entire forward planning strategy where knowing the audiences, and knowing there interests and having a compressive understanding of the existing content that the institute has, the aspect of applying the strategies and then making sure that everything is getting conducted effectively and the social media team is able to perform their respective tasks efficiently (Prokofieva and Miah, 2020).

Figure: Importance of social media in business marketing

(Source: Glover et al. 2018)

The next step would be to create content curation plan where ensuring that prioritising the content quality is ensured and that everything is well maintained effectively to ensure that everything is getting executed by the social media team employed by the institute effectively (Jayawardena et al. 2020). In this case considering those social media channels that better reach would be ideal and those that do not, would be kept aside for the time being, Focusing on all the websites at the same time would be hampering and could possibly be difficult to maintain, therefore focusing on certain social media channels based on the web traffic, it would benefit the institute and would help them automate all the posts eventually and then have all of their audiences get involved actively (Hefler et al. 2020). Selecting effective tools that means automation tools and then schedule and automate the posts effectively would be an effective way to make sure that everything is prepared ahead of its time (Hamadi et al. 2020). This means making sure that everything is conducted without any delay and in fact automated weeks or months before to ensure that everything gets posted online on time, as it is scheduled, previously. Then finally finding the most relevant ways to effectively have all the audiences to effectively get engaged actively would be beneficial for the expansion of business profits (Glover et al. 2018). This relevant way suggests that better comment accessibility, sharing relevant information, user-generated content or even posting questions or FAQs and then providing answers for the same could possibly be an effective method of handling all the situations accordingly. Showing appreciation for the users or the audiences and addressing their complaints and their criticism is another aspect of the strategic that could potentially elevate the standards of the business and how they have been able to generate profit for themselves (Dwivedi et al. 2019).

Figure: Embracement of social platforms by the social media marketers

(Source: Cameron et al. 2018)

Justification of the strategy

The strategic steps mentioned and instructed in the forward planning strategy above have substantial and compact planning something that is highly required in order to create a strong and domineering social media presence (Carah et al. 2018). It is very important that following each step one after another is followed to make sure that the aspect of business is developed and expanded and the global reach is consistently refined. With the involvement of automated tools, the aspect of post automation makes the whole content uploading aspect much more convenient, especially for an institute of this magnitude like Charles Darwin University (Campbell, 2020). It is very relevant to that they have a concrete idea of what kind of audiences that they are wishing to imposter and how effectively they are able to represent themselves as a good business or academic partners, it either makes it or breaks their reputation, therefore handling all of these activities with proper managements and social media team is extremely as it could possibly catapult them into an overall development of what social media could possibly do and how they could create a strong business and reputable unit something that could potentially benefit them and help them benefit all the other individuals; across the communities in Australia (Cameron et al. 2018).



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