How Ultraviolet Radiation can damage skin



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How Ultraviolet Radiation can damage skin
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Table of Contents

Introduction. 2

Summary 1. 2

Literature review.. 2

Conclusion. 2

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The present assessment is attempting to consider the aspects of the ultraviolet ray and the overall impact on the skin with the aspect of radiation. The aspect of exposure to UV rays is quite common for people and the mobile aspects of human society. However, extreme exposure to UV ray and sunlight could have some detrimental consequences and skin cancer or dermal damage is one of the most common occurrences of sunlight exposure (Barnes et al. 2019). The overall assessment would primarily attempt to know how the aspect of sunlight exposure is causing a various degree of skin damages something that is contributing to the overall developments of premature aging, chronic skin damages, and other dermal oriented complications that could potentially create a severe form of complications as one grows. How the radiation from the UV rays, damage one’s skin cell and how that impacts on the very outer layer of the skin and how does it eventually affect inner dermal layers would be a relevant aspect of the overall discussion in the literature review (Viarisio et al. 2018).

Summary 1

Some of the most effective issues that radiation from the UV exposure could potentially cause are basal cell carcinoma, or solar elastosis, and even malignant melanoma. These complications skin associated are some of the most effective problems of the issue, however, there are many other issues that could affect the skin that is much less intense than those that have been mentioned (Williamson et al. 2017). It is causing some of the biggest concerns in the medical field of dermatology and also topical issues where the UV exposure is ageing the skin and changing its texture or even giving them a sunburnt and a consequently immense amount of pain (Lucas et al. 2019). Epidemiologically, the issue is extremely effective and millions of people across the globe have been affected by it, suggesting that it is a frequent problem and is also an important issue that demands much more scientific attention (Burns et al. 2019). The thinning of the ozone layer allows the UV ray to attack humans even much better and also the millions of Americans are affected almost daily and a considerable and concerning number of people are dying because of the developments of skin cancer across the globe (Ferrara et al. 2020).

Literature review

Since UV radiation is both mutagen and as well a non-specific damaging agent, it is known to be a complete carcinogen. The properties that are present in the UV ray that could possibly initiate and both promote a tumour is why the issue is essentially contentious (Hart and Norval 2018). It is known to be the most important modifiable risk factor and that means the aspect of excessive exposure could possibly cause a massive amount of health risks on the people (Bernard et al. 2019). Several complications such as atrophy, changes in pigments, malignancy and wrinkles and leathery textures in the skins,  and could even possibly cause different basic and commonly occurred skin cancers (Barnes et al. 2019). The risk factors of the UV rays are also highly motivated by the genetic factors where the enhancement of cancer risks in amongst the fair skin complexion. Polymorphisms of the melanocortin 1 receptor gene genetically produce less melanin and sometimes none at all, resulting in increased chances and risks of skin cancers (Bais et al. 2019).

(Burns et al. 2019) suggest that skin being the largest organ and for having the largest surface areas the aspect of getting exposed to the UV rays is quite common and therefore the chances of UV ray affecting the epidermis and dermis is quite significant. In the stratum basal layer, the production of Keratinocytes is what helps the skin accumulate all the pigments or the melanin and whole they start maturing and the overall epidermal melanin functions to potentially block the UV penetration into the skin, something that helps the skin from getting any chances of skin cancers or any severe health issues or skin associated problems (Herndon et al. 2018).

According to (Wolf et al. 2018) melanocytes are the only source why the body or the skin has some pigments but due to the genetic defects in melanocytes, it does lead to the developments of less production of melanin. For instance, in the case of albinism, it does lead to the developments of poor UV blocking barriers amongst individuals with these kinds of genetic defects and they are usually at the risk of getting affected by the UV exposure more than anybody else (Williamson et al. 2017). The cyclization of the amino acid tyrosine and the oxidation of the same is able to form different pigments and therefore determine the complexity of the body as melanin does the job for the skin, something that eventually gets to the developments of a natural blocker of the UV ray and allows the body to stay protected (Yardman‐Frank and Fisher, 2021).

(Patra et al. 2019) suggest that having a little amount of epidermal eumelanin amongst the fair-skinned individuals realise and absorb the UV rays much more than the darker-skinned individuals. Fair-skinned people are therefore UV ray sensitive and are always at a high risk of getting infected from skin cancers due to the extreme exposure in the sunlight and the UV ray (Viarisio et al. 2018). The damaging aspect of the UV therefore would be much worse amongst the individuals who have fair skins and therefore it ruins the natural skin blocking protection mechanisms amongst these individuals. The inflammatory response to the UV ray and the underlying cancer risks is something that is severely involved (Williamson et al. 2017).

(Nan et al. 2018) after the sunlight exposure and post 24 hours, the emerging redness and swelling are some of the examples of exposure to the UV rays, as these complications are mostly also common amongst the fairer skins and the aspect of these happening are also quite frequent and much more convenient than amongst a dark-skinned individual (Viarisio et al. 2018). To burn the eumelanin rich skin is way more difficult for the UV ray and require much longer exposure to the UV ray than it is for somebody who is light-skinned, therefore the aspect of having erythema or edema is something that occurs in different complications of skin tones differently and based on the different duration of the exposure of the UV rays (Viarisio et al. 2018).

(Laikova  et al. 2019) suggest that the presence of the UV in the environment is abundant and therefore the contribution of the same to various maladies are also quite frequent. Skin complications such as inflammations degenerative ageing, or even chronic forms of skin cancers are some of the effective aspects of the UV ray that affects the epidermis and the dermis. The occupational exposure to the sunlight is how mainly the humans are generally exposed to the UV rays and therefore it does lead to a common surge of skin associated complications. However, in recent days, the aspect of recreation exposure to the UV rays have becomes a trend where the getting tanned for the cosmetic purpose or for aesthetic values, is something that is happening more than often today (Lucas et al. 2019).

(Kanellis, 2019) suggests that ambient UV exposures, however, is something that is geographically intensified and therefore it is extremely consistent with the developments of the particular location of that place on earth and based on that longitude or the land elevation, the overall developments of the ambient exposure of the UV rays are varying and frequent. According to the amount of atmosphere, the UV ray passes through and based on the ozone layers, the overall aspect of UV penetration occurs, something that determines the overall aspect of the skin exposure to the skins related complications. The overall aspect of the skin associated complications is also something that does lead to the developments of the skin associated difficulties and inconvenience based on the ambient based UV exposures (Hung et al. 2019).

According to (Hart and Norval 2018), a part from the strength of solar radiation, the aspect of outdoor activities, and the occupational outdoor aspect are some of the factors that are also involved in the overall aspect of getting exposed to the UV rays. The recreational aspect of staying outside are some of the major aspects of why the overall developments of UV related complications may occur. However, the use of UV protective clothing is something that has been a major aspect of how the protection or shelter from the ray could be executed. Use of shade or sunblocks substances such as lotions or any sorts of skin protections cosmetics products are often used to stay protected from UV exposures (Herndon et al. 2018).

(Ferrari et al. 2019) suggests that the equatorial locations are also one of the aspects where the warmth is generally higher and is, therefore, the people during their occupational or recreational activities outdoor tend to use less clothing items something that leads to the developments of the much more contact with the ambient sunlight and something that increases the chances of recent any higher ambient UV does than those who reside in parts of the world that are in temperate climate. Therefore, scientifically skin related research shows that the aspect of skin cancer is influenced by the geographical patterns and is most likely to occur amongst fair or light skinned individual who are sun light sensitive (Holick, 2017).

(Emri et al. 2018) suggests that indoor tanning or use of artificial UV radiation is something that has also been increasing in large amount, With time the use of tanning bed indoor is rising amongst the American populations, something that is contributing to te developments of the chances of risk of being exposed to artificial UV rays (Viarisio et al. 2018). With the use of these artificial radiation and use of much more frequent sessions also increases the chances of getting affected and therefore create a an effective amount of damage to the skin. The overall development of skin associated complications also something that raise with the age of that individuals something that does lead to the developments of all sort of the complications after all (Ferrara et al. 2020).

According to (Bruce et al. 2018), the enlargements and expansion of the tanning industries and the sue of tanning salons in several places, have increase the use of artificial UV radiation for cosmetic and recreational purpose something that have been affecting the aspect of skin situations of the people who are highly skin sensitive and therefore they are developing complications from it accordingly something that would create a complications that is often long terms and they are developing severe forms of complications quite late since the damages of these artificial UV radiation is relatively slower than the natural ones existing in the environment and in the sunlight. To reduce the incidence of melanoma, the aspect of decreasing UV radiation exposure both from sunlight and as well as the artificial radiation would be better and much more effective (Burns et al. 2019).

According to (Bernard et al. 2019), on the skin physiology, the effects of the UV rays has been quite severe and sometimes in delayed manner according to the science of dermatology. The inflammatory response and the aspect of sunburn are some of the most common type s and yet quite painful sorts of skin related complications that could possibly occur from the extreme exposure of the both natural UV in the sunlight and as well as in the artificial UV radiations. The dose of UV radiation upon exceeding the threshold of the damage response would potentially create the complications that become visible on the epidermis layers of the skins eventually (Bora et al. 2018).


The overall aspect of having sun exposure is some of the most effective way how the skins develop different sorts of complications something that does lead rot the developments different sense of developments (Viarisio et al. 2018). The occupational exposure to the sunlight is how mainly the humans are generally exposed to the UV rays and therefore it does lead to a common surge of skin associated complications. Scientifically skin related research shows that the aspect of skin cancer is influenced by the geographical patterns and is most likely to occur amongst fair or light skinned individual who are sun light sensitive (Barnes et al. 2019). The overall aspect of different sense of findings based on the UV protections, have also been assessed with the literature review has also been considered that is why the overall developments have been influential in the overall aspect of having conceptual understanding of the consistent relevance of the UV radiation developments (Bais et al. 2019).

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