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Member of Congress

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Congress refers to an official conference conducted between representatives from political parties within a specific activity or trade union and the Senate. Congress and its members provide comprehensive knowledge, which covers the United States and Legislative Processes by giving a chance to examine the tension which occurs between Congress as a law-making body and as a collection of representatives continually looking for re-election (Algara 8). The prominent Congress members represent different departments like the energy department, natural resources, education, pension and veteran’s matters, labor, finance, and health. Senator Cassidy serves Louisiana State as a representative of American Energy and Ordinary Resource leader. The paper explores how Representative Cassidy demonstrates Congress works as a representative of the body, Congress as a law-making organization. It examines the relationship between Senator Cassidy and President Biden and elaborates on the knowledge I gained from the quarter and specific insights one obtains concerning Senator Cassidy.

How My Legislator Illustrates Congress as a Representative Body

Mr. Cassidy was the first member elected in the Louisiana state senate as a Republican; he played a significant role as a Democrat. He supported other representatives and donated some of his money to other senators during their campaigns. Cassidy played a more substantial role in the nation by creating a difference in his roles. Later, Representative Cassidy appointed as the chief of the Information Office as influenced by his broad knowledge of technology which he aimed at improving the lives of the employees, life customers, and financial professionals. He had played a good role in his past leadership skills on technology, and these revealed that he could fulfill everything in his projects.  Cassidy mainly contributed to Republican senators and candidates. He then switched parties due to the extinction of conservation Democrats and frustrations he experienced from the government, and the incompetence of the public hospital system.

Besides Cassidy being a moderate republican, his rank on conservation organizations played an essential role in his political life. Representative Cassidy won a by-election held to fill the gap of the 16th district seat in the state (Ballard ).  Representative Cassidy had elected to serve in the House of Representatives since he defeated the other democrats by 48% of the votes. The election was conducted for the second time, and he emerged the winner with 79% votes ahead of the other Democrats. Cassidy had a plan on how America would run at ease and vote for President Bidens’ new Bill presented in the Congress. Senator Cassidy opposed how California Representatives soothed homeless people, including people with mental disorders or substance addicts, to fill the ballots. Then the politicians may have to choose which votes they need to support their leader, which seems like a sign of fraud. Senator Cassidy talked about bereaving families and the necessity for continuous assistance and support. Cassidy showed support to the orphans and homeless people with different problems hence an outstanding contribution to Senator Cassidy’s election.  During the election’s money seemed necessary when running the campaigns.

Campaigns required money for donating to charitable kinds of fundraising measures where one bought a ticket in church affairs and provided the campaign funds accomplished their role. Campaign funds purchase phone equipment used in elections and items used in public offices, payment of membership dues in organizations, and enhance their Representative stands. Senator and cater for rentals and operational expenditures accompanying operations in the district offices. Representative Cassidy used the money to compensate people who participated as public employees and cater to transport, food, and lodging costs associated with conferences. Senator Cassidy used campaign money to pay for ordinary clothes and expenses and gifted his movement workers and residents. Senate Cassidy kept adequate records to support compensation payments related to campaigns. Campaigns require items that must facilitate smooth elections. Senator Cassidy creates a campaign issue on how he would help the orphans and the homeless. The Senator’s movements mainly affected other candidates who vied for the same seat and positively influenced the poor since all the campaigns supported their needs. Senator Cassidy involved a shared idea with the other campaigning groups to explore the problem by discussing how to curb the problem. Each person in the group had to view the issue brought out and later combine their opinions and select their best. They understood the people organizations and institutions connected to the point the Representative presents to the people. The Representative must know how the stakeholders relate to the problem and learn how ready the stakeholder is willing to assist in the campaign. From learning the stakeholder’s representatives’ relationships, choosing one of them and concentrates with him/her to obtain the required information (Curry 50). A target audience is essential when dealing with campaigns and tactics well followed and keenly set to keep the movements flowing and moving people to support and vote for them.

Senator Cassidy ran for the U.S.U.S. Senate and defeated three of the senators in the run-off elections and received more the half of the votes, which became his first victory to lead in Louisiana. Senator Cassidy won the seat with 1,273,589 elections from the general elections; they also received 42% of the votes from primary elections. He received 79.41% of the options from the U.S. representative House in the selection of the District Representative of Louisiana. Laura, the wife of Senator Cassidy, worked as a physician in Baton Rouge, the leading surgeon. Senate Cassidy and his wife had started three churches that provided services of prayers in Baton Rouge.

Senator Cassidy has done too much for the community by supporting the homeless families, and many groups show support to him since he has never been in the office before. Senator Cassidy used most of his time helping Louisiana’s family; he did this to return his favors.  The Louisiana Family Forum is turning the first interested group to support him. The focus for the Louisiana Gamily Forum showed outstanding commitments in advancing people’s life, freeing people, and restricted the government in the boundless state of Louisiana. Before his election in Louisiana, Senator Cassidy took place; Baton Rouge’s establishment mainly started to facilitate health treatment in the community. Hurricane hit, and Senator Cassidy led a large group of health care volunteers to assist Hurricane refugees by providing help to them (Da Conceição-Heldt ). Another goal is to secure coastal refurbishment projects to protect Louisiana’s family from natural calamities like floods. Louisiana voted for Senator Cassidy, which never ended his commitments to helping Louisiana and never switched up.

Senator Cassidy assists in Energy and Natural Resources committees, which showed full support during the elections. The energy organization in America is one of the non-profitable organizations involving grass rooting collaborative programs that advocate all debates concerned with energy and other environmental strategies that may help improve the Energy and Natural Resources Organization. Both States levels and National Level plays the role of following the legislation and all public policies. The position Senator Cassidy held gave him the chance to deny him addressing the issues on voting. Still, the important thing was that the ballot raised the problem based on the runner’s public identity records, which comprised statements, documents taken during voting, and a particular interest shown by any group authorization. Many people got confused about whether Senator Cassidy showed support for the pro-life or pro-choice legislation where he had to make things clear that he was pro-life. Another question was whether he supported an increase in income tax or any tax bracket, and he never showed any support for any since they used the question in balancing the budget. The questions tested whether he would be a good leader if elected for the seat.

The central Congress departments comprise energy, natural resources, financial department, health care department, educational department, labor and retirement fund, and veterans’ matters department. According to information collected from different directions, the top industries involved health professionals who contributed $1,121,794 (Wood ). The retired members contributed $747,247which showed a total contribution of 1023 contributions hence the leading top sectors for the past years. Ochsner turned to be the entire health industry that contributed much in the health industry with a donation of $60,240, followed by N.O.R.P.A.C. with a donation of $59,200 amount. A.P.A.C. became the top contributor in the business fields with $82%, representing the commission contributed. Another commission that contributed was ideological with $550,527 and 16% contributions (Davidson ). The labor industry contributed the least amount of commission donations since most laborers receive low wages, which may face significant challenges when returning their commission. The taxation is common to the ordinary wage makers hence a low expectation in the commission contributions.

During the fundraising committee Senator Cassidy, raised $11,304,149, spent 96% of the cash, and remained with 4%, indicating no debt left behind. None of the organizations took place in the donations of money as collected from P.A.C.’s organization individual members and other employees and owners and all the people in the instant families. According to all contributions, Senator Cassidy reported a collection of $4,704,359 from the present local locations showing that each member contributed an approximate amount of $200 or above.  The more significant contribution came from the state with a donation of $50.16% and the other gifts from in-state assistance. The most incredible amount of the money came from the contributors with the highest amount of $200 compared to those reported in the Federal Election Commission, where P.A.C. dollars were not involved in the calculations.

Congress as a Law-making Body

Senator Cassidy plays a more significant role in the community since he joined the office. Senator Cassidy played a more substantial impact on society in that he listened to the issues of interest of the community members. Senator Cassidy also took part in a committee that involves reviewing bills and, at the same time conducting an oversight that led him to issue the required reports concerning the issues he had to tackle. Senator Cassidy took part in the energy and Natural Resource committee finance committee, veterans’ matter, combined monetary and all the health care Education and Labor and retirement funds committee.  Senator Cassidy is a member of the Energy and Natural Resources (Godinez ). The committee comprised 55 members, of which 24 of them turned to be Republicans while the other 31 Democrats. Joe served as the committee chairperson, while John Barroso was among the ranked members of the Energy and Natural Resource Committee. The committee’s oversight responsibilities include resolving all the issues involving energy policy generally and all the matters concerning energy internationally as readily prepared for all the emergencies that may emerge.

The committee also deals with all the strategies for nuclear-powered water, policies covering all the territories, and the centralized resources in privatization. The other subcommittees that work together with the Energy and Natural Resource committee include the national park, communal land, forests and mining areas, and finally, water and power. The subcommittees work together with the central committees by dealing with issues that may challenge the subcommittee levels. Senator Cassidy is one of the essential committee members since he is among the Republican members in the committee. Senator Cassidy appears among the committee’s vital members because, among the 24 Republicans in the committee, he appears among the top 10 listed members on the websites.

Senator Cassidy is also a member of the finance committee. The finance department comprises 20 members, which plays a significant role in the community. Roy Wayne turned to be the chairperson, with Mike Crapo being the most ranked member on the committee. The committees come up with better ways of reducing taxation and at the same time increasing taxations when the state runs short of income. The committee deals with general issues that involve all revenue matters and all matters that deal with the belongings of the insular. All debts and plans arrangements in the finance committee develop strategies on how to solve the issue concerning obligations in the United States that attached collections. In the finance committee, trade treaties and Medicare activities are concerned with children’s health care programs that cater to all child needs. The financial committee deals with all infrastructure affairs catering to money aside for security purposes caters for retirement funds, and tax retirees despite their low wages (Kim 545).  The financial committee discusses global matters that may lead to great competitiveness. Economic growth is a significant issue that needs close change to maintain growth and develop new strategies that may lead to more economic changes. Senator Cassidy, a chosen member of the financial committee, plays a more significant role in the committee since he is part of the board members who make decisions concerning financial matters.

Senator Cassidy is a member of Veterans’ Affairs consisting of 18 members, Jon being the chairperson and Jerry the most ranked member. The Veteran committee plays a more significant role in dealing with all the bills concerning Veterans. The Veterans need permission to exercise their skills anywhere the skills may apply. The committee also deals with military matters, which requires the knowledge of experts to tackle the problem. Some of the Military issues require experts to under the reasons of attack and follow-up of any military attack. A committee needs to amend the state’s military group and recover veterans’ codes, which may be difficult when one veteran deals with the principles alone. Some of the subcommittees that work with the Veterans’ committee include the disability assistance group, which handles the matters that may arise from disabled people and protect their rights. The memorial matters committee is essential in keeping records of all the issues since they may need clarifications in the future. Sub-communities deal with activities that may raise new jobs and other economic chances and health facilities for the Veterans. Veterans require modernized technology since all investigations need advanced technology for positive achievement in the end.

Senator Cassidy is a member of the committee of combined economic, which comprises ten members. Don is the chairperson, and Mike being the most ranked. The committee’s main aim is to make a quick study of matters related to the U.S.U.S. economy and find ways to solve issues that arise from economic stabilization (Meerman ). As a committee member, Senator Cassidy plays a significant role in holding hearings and carrying research requiring close discussion. The joint economy committee provides advice to other members of Congress and helps them handle economic issues that may arise in their departments. The joint committee comprises both the Senate and the House of members, which perform authority over matters that need mutual interest.

My Legislator’s Relationship with President Biden

In the newly re-election, Senator Cassidy held that President Biden won the elections despite him voting for President Trump, meaning that he always valued justice. Senator Cassidy knew what happened and how the results changed for President Biden to win the election. Senator Cassidy and President Biden may not be in good relations since one corrupts to win, and senator Cassidy is against injustice. Senator Cassidy declares that President Biden forged results, and since no clear evidence, he only ignores the story never in good terms with President Biden.

Importance of the Knowledge Acquired

The knowledge one acquires from the study is that the senators play a significant role in electing the president.  Senate Cassidy plays the role of passing communal strategy matters in the district and giving guidelines for applying the issues. Senator Cassidy settles all levels of spending at the district level to avoid misuse of funds and monitor how representatives spend their funds. Sometimes taxes may increase or decrease; this may be a rule from the authority passed by the Senators in the District levels showing how he may be concerned with the income level of the people (Miller 135). Senator Cassidy makes sure that all the members and workers face the same burden of considering the tax amount of income one receives. Senators vote to sustain gubernatorial prohibitions. Senator Cassidy has shown great support in President Bidens’ domestic policies and all the foreign affairs.

Senator Cassidy supports domestic policies in that he has promoted economic growth. He also owns a position in the global economy, promoting more support in the domestic policies by taking part in them. Senator Cassidy showed support to the foreign affairs by voting for them and the national security matters. Congress in the United States serves an excellent purpose as an institution. U.S.U.S. Congress is referred to be the world’s most fantastic Democratic institution, which provides the structures and functions of all the members in the United States Congress. According to the article, one can judge Congress as a democratic in those democrats not capable of helping themselves when dealing with denigrating Christians. Congress is not good at overseeing the executive and passing jobs; hence not progressively dysfunctional as an unsuccessful institution. Congress takes part in doing all the jobs requested and considers all difficulties in reforming recommendations. Bipartisan is a significant problem that influences Congress in decision-making.


In conclusion, the paper broadens my knowledge of how the United States senators play a more significant role in Congress. Congress comprises two groups: The Senate and the House of representatives, who play a more substantial role in making the decisions for the state. In Congress, the democrats and republicans gave opinions and main ideas gotten from the views provided by each member (Volden 135). From the article, it is rare occasions where a leader protects the rights of the homeless and helps them recover from the mental problems they go through. Senator Cassidy in the article helps lower medical cost in all the public hospitals and look for ways to cover the homeless with insurance. Senator Cassidy assisted many in the nation’s health mental care to the patients and reduced the increasing cases of mental disorder. He creates awareness on how to help curb and educate people that mental illness patients can recover and that from the understanding conducted, many believe that mental illness not real. Most presumed that mental illness affects only Females, but the awareness showed that any gender could suffer from mental illness.


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