Discussion of two theories to resolve the issues



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Discussion of two theories to resolve the issues
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Table of Contents

Task 1.1. 2

Investigation and analysis of the staffing issue. 2

Task 1.2. 2

Discussion of two different reasons causing each issue. 2

Task 1.3. 2

Analysis of five different impacts of the issues. 2

Task 2.4. 2

Discussion of two theories to resolve the issues. 2

Task 2.5. 3

Implementation plan. 3

Task 2.6. 3

Five SMART objectives. 3

Reference list 4




Task 1.1

Investigation and analysis of the staffing issue


The issue at the boutique regarding the staffing has been consistently declining, with the reviews being seeming getting lower, because of the staffing issues, the demotion of performance is seemingly apparent. The staffs and especially the part time staff have not been able to have a consistent job description, with which the whole performance aspect have been seemingly declining (Shevchuk, Temchenko, & Morhun, 2019). Despite all sorts of arrangements and any sorts of staffs and supervisors, the aspect of bar and the crowd started consistently going down. It is very apparent that the bar is not doing well, and compared to the especially the new barista outlet, namely, hole-in-the-wall, the overall performance and the customer flow is very poor, which had led to the bad revenue generation for the hotel and boutique business. This is why, the overall competence of the management by the staffs have not been really consistent with the overall services that are actually required for the overall development at both the bar, and as well as the restaurant and the hotel (Shevchuk, Temchenko, & Morhun, 2019) (Kis, et al., 2020).  (citation)

Relevance of topic in general

Managing and developing the employees are essential for the overall improvement of the organisation, something that is extremely crucial for the overall organisational integrity, revenue improvements and the refinements of the business entity. Employees are the pillars and they make or break any organisation, something that creates the foundation for the overall development of the business entity (Mamatelashvili, Mukhamadieva, Akhtamova, & Hisamova, 2020). Managing the staffs and developing their performance would also improve how the entire organisation functions, and how the entire business entity operates their business activities in terms of the business development, management, operational sanctions, performance management and the quality management. It is very crucial that the organisation has a quality management team that would ensure all these areas and would be able to identify the shortcomings in areas and would be able to identify the necessary solutions, accordingly with the assessment (Shevchuk, Temchenko, & Morhun, 2019).

Relevance of topic to the organization

They The organisation is based on the aspect of hospitality and providing services to their consumers to three of the different kinds of areas that the hey happened to have- one is the hotel services, the other one is the restaurant and bar and the finally the barista outlet- to ensure a proper quality management, having a proper control on all these are and having consistent quality assessments with the involvement of the QM (quality management) team, is extremely important for further and better investigation (Gupta, 2019). With the investigation, the organization would be able to identify certain areas that require better improvements and areas that have underlying opportunities, and areas that are potential for further developments (Afsar, Shahjehan, & Shah, 2018). These kinds of insights become much more apparent and clearer with the proper staff management and development, especially within the disciplines of the organization. The organisational development and the quality management entails the aspect of making sure that the operational activities are being performed seamlessly, the performance management is properly monitored and that the quality and management of staff are being handles efficiently to ensure that that organisation is able to perform to its full potential (Shevchuk, Temchenko, & Morhun, 2019).

Linking to the case study and identifying effectivity and in-effectivity

There are several issues that have been identified in the analysis development of the case study scenario, provided. Firstly, the F&B (food and beverage) management department is not able to perform up to their potential, leading up to the poor performance management and a steady decline in the performance of the staffs. The part time staffs in the front office management is not able to have any proper JD (job description), something that had also contributed to the poor performance management of the overall organization (Anstey, Fletcher, & Walker, 2017). This is also putting a big impact on the organization, as they are not able to have a proper management for all the temporary staffs and no solid sense of work delegations have not been done. With the opening the new barista, the aspect of bar business is also going down, something that has been identified from the management’s end (Gupta, 2019).

Explanation on how these issues could possibly affect the experiences of the consumers

With the overall no sense of job description in terms of the F&B management, the job delegation is not been conducted properly, something that results in poor performance and lead to a total catastrophe when it comes to the delivery of proper quality services and products. With the little amount of training that the F&B management staffs happened to have had, would result in poor performance management and the overall quality would significantly decline, something that would potentially reduce the overall quality of the performance eventually (Shevchuk, Temchenko, & Morhun, 2019). With the new opening of the barista, the business at the bar is impacting how the customer flow it used to have and that is also ruining the aspect of consumer retentions. With the small staff team, the consistent sense of change of outlets to lead to the system and operational jeopardy something that impacts the consumer experiences and how inconsistent the services get, at times (Mamatelashvili, Mukhamadieva, Akhtamova, & Hisamova, 2020).

Task 1.2

Discussion of two different reasons causing each issue

The employment of the hotel manager is executed by the authority is to ensure that all the operational activities, finance management, marketing and sales of the organisations is taken care of and also in a way, looked after by the hotel manager. However, with the limited skills and competencies of the hotel manager, and their exclusive skills on just the finances are compelling them to focus on just the finance management system and overlook the aspects of operational activities that entails all the. Additional tasks associated with the organisational developments and also sales and marketing department for the organization (Mamatelashvili, Mukhamadieva, Akhtamova, & Hisamova, 2020).

Due to the limited staffing and also the management system being in serious jeopardy, the overall aspect of mis management is seemingly apparent. The front-line manager is compelled to oversee the aspect of housecleaning and room hygiene instead of training or providing knowledge to the concierge, or even managing consumers directly by ensuring front desk services to the consumers. These kinds of additional indulgences by the frontline manger is also something that keep them involved instead of troubleshooting emergencies or even scheduling staff rota, resulting on declining of overall performance of the front-line activities (Shevchuk, Temchenko, & Morhun, 2019).


With the aspect of limited two-days induction course for the front-line management staffs, have also led to the development of poor performance from their end. Since the overall limitation of the course and improper job training had severely impacted the performance areas of the front-line management staffs (Anstey, Fletcher, & Walker, 2017).

The part time staffs in the front-line management are also not able to access any sorts of full length or proper job description, something that leads to the development of confusions amongst the staffs, this also lead to the development of poor performance management and bad work delegation, something that is extremely essential for the overall quality management for the organisation and thee business entity (Gupta, 2019).


The F&B management performance have significantly been declining because of the little training of the staffs. Their performance appraisals occurring only once every two years unlike the front house and house-keeping staff, whose performance appraisal occur annually. The limited performance appraisal and little amount of training is also seemingly helping the F&B staffs to consistently underperform (Kuleswararajan, Sathiyanathan, & Vivekanantha, 2020).

The part time staffs of the F&B management of the hotel organization is leading up to an inconsistent job decline and also poor tasks delegation. What is expected from a position, is something that is consistently required for the staffs to have a proper knowledge about, lacking which have led to a poor performance appraisal and also deteriorated performance development (Kis, et al., 2020).


The opening of the new barista is causing better opportunities for the local business people., however with that at the same time, the bar outlet is seemingly lacking any of the business gains. Comparing to the barista, the bar is seemingly losing consumer flows something that has been consistently declining the overall flow of consumer and is consistently creating an overall poor performance management for both the front-line managements staffs, the food and beverage management staffs (Komarova, Zamkovoi, & Novikov, 2019).

Having a small staff team is another reason why the managements so desperately changing outlets and is unable to keep a consistency in their overall services management, it is also overall declining how the service quality is managed within the disciplines of the organisation, The aspect of small staff teams are constantly moving around and switching their outlets, which is why there is consistent inconsistency in the way the team is functioning and how the overall team management is able to perform collectively, the consistent changes is leading the team performance towards a gradual decline and mismanagement of quality (Kuleswararajan, Sathiyanathan, & Vivekanantha, 2020).


The decline in the ratings have also been consistent and with the involvement of further investigations it has been identified that despite there is outside guests and other visitors are coming and trying to access the services, however, with the involvement of a small team and mis-management and all of them at the same time moving around the outlets and changing their outlets to be able to provide services to all the outlets at all time, somewhere putting the overall quality of services in jeopardy (Shevchuk, Temchenko, & Morhun, 2019).

In terms of the managements of staffs, the aspect of proper training and proper course induction is also something that has been so limited to the overall developments of the consumer management (Liang, Chang, Ko, & Lin, 2017). With the limited training and barely any performance appraisal, be it in the front-line management or even in the food and beverage management, this also significantly bring limitations to the services and how effectively they ca possibly provide the services to their consumers. The limited quality management assessment is one of the reasons why the service management is seemingly declining (Shevchuk, Temchenko, & Morhun, 2019).

Task 1.3

Analysis of five different impacts of the issues

  1. With the identification of the small team and them being compelled to switch, alter and move around different outlets of the business aspects, between the hotel, restaurants, bar, or even the barista, is putting g the quality of performance in jeopardy, The constant change of outlets and performing in alternatives outlets is making the staff members to lose the consistency in their performance, something that is leading towards a steady decline in their performance. This also resulting in how the consumers are experiencing while they are trying to access any sorts of services at any of the outlets of the organization (Liang, Chang, Ko, & Lin, 2017).
  2. The concentration of the hotel manager more on the finance management and finance related activities than the other additional areas of the business entity such as the operational activities, or even the sales and marketing areas are leading up to the poor advertisements of the organisation and their popularity amidst all the emerging hospitality business organisation in the same vicinity (Mamatelashvili, Mukhamadieva, Akhtamova, & Hisamova, 2020). With the limited skills and competencies of the hotel manager, and their exclusive skills on just the finances are compelling them to focus on just the finance management system and overlook the aspects of operational activities that entails all the. Additional tasks associated with the organisational developments and also sales and marketing department for the organization (Shevchuk, Temchenko, & Morhun, 2019).
  3. The rare performance appraisal, and limited course induction and also lack of job description is seeming affecting the service and staff team. This starts with the development of limited two-days induction course for the front-line management staff that had led to the development of poor performance from their end (Afsar, Shahjehan, & Shah, 2018). The overall limitation of the course and improper job training had severely impacted the performance areas of the front-line management staffs. Inaccessibility to any sorts of proper job description led to the development of confusions amongst the staffs and the development of poor performance management and bad work delegation (Shevchuk, Temchenko, & Morhun, 2019).
  4. The team performance appraisals occurring only once every two years unlike the front house and house-keeping staff, whose performance appraisal occur annually. The limited performance appraisal and little amount of training is also seemingly helping the F&B staffs to consistently underperform and impacting the consumer experiences, and consequently poor reviews on the online portals of the TripAdvisor (Anstey, Fletcher, & Walker, 2017). With the involvement of small staff teams constantly moving around and switching their outlets leading towards an inconsistency in the way the team is functioning and how the overall team management is able to perform collectively, the consistent changes is leading the team performance towards a gradual decline and mismanagement of quality overall (Afsar, Shahjehan, & Shah, 2018).
  5. The decline of ratings quality is also impacting how the overall system is able to handle criticism and with that the consumers are also restraining themselves from accessing the services of the organisation. The decline in impression is something that is constant with the visible sense of bad ratings on all the online portals of trip booking websites and tour articles. Poor ratings are also shaping the perceptions of the consumers and changing how the consumers used or currently viewing the brand (Afsar, Shahjehan, & Shah, 2018).

Task 2.4

Discussion of two theories to resolve the issues

200 each

Herzberg’s two-factor theory

According to Herzberg’s two-factor theory, the two main components of the theoretical concepts are the hygiene factors and the motivator factors. The hygiene factors are also known as the extrinsic factors that indicates at the tangible or fundamental aspects of theory where these tangible concepts such as salary, job security, or even the status, working conditions, policies and rules or even co-worker relations (Alfayad & Arif, 2017). With the management and successful fulfilment of these tangible needs the issues identified above such as small team management, bad course induction or limited performance appraisal, or even insufficient team managements could possibly be improved. Motivator factors or the intrinsic factors that indicates at the intangible needs such as the emotional requirements of the staffs or employees, recognition, their achievements and responsibility, personal growth or even advancements- these are some of the most required aspects, fulfilling which the staffs and the m managements would be able to function and have significant improvements, for instance providing recognitions to the staffs who deserve it and then rewarding them for it, giving them promotions would resolve the issues identified earlier (Alshmemri, Shahwan-Akl, & Maude, 2017). The inverse relationship between the two kinds of components or factors of the two-factory theory is also relevant where the presence of intrinsic motivators increase motivation, whereas the absent of extrinsic motivators decrease the motivation (Kotni & Karumuri, 2018).

Figure: Conceptual diagram of Herzberg’s two-factor theory

Source: (Alshmemri, Shahwan-Akl, & Maude, 2017)

Goal setting theory

According to the Edwin Locke’s Goal setting theory, is something that conceptualises the action of setting an action plan or putting up a goal step-by-step, something that would consequently lead towards the development of better performance in the delegated tasks with the help of proper feedback (Jeong, Healy, & McEwan, 2021). The deliberate nature of the goals, are consistently putting stress upon the fulfil of the same goals, for instance in this case, setting up the aspect of proper quality services, having consistent performance appraisal, better job descriptions for the part time frontline managements staffs and then improvements of food and beverage staffs etcetera would also potentially improve how the goal is set, as in the involvement of emotions, through out and behaviour is are some of the consistent elements in the overall aspect of setting up the goals, something which lead up to the overall improvement of the goal achievements (Shoaib & Kohli, 2017). The feedback associated with the goal setting activities are why achieving the goals become extremely crucial and also with that it helps with the overall improvements of high quality and better task performance. It also allows to have an effective quality management and allows the organisation to gain better quality management overall (Locke & Latham, 2019).

Figure: Goal-setting theory diagram

(Source: (Locke & Latham, 2019)

Task 2.5

Implementation plan

Plan Gap analysis Objectives Person/group involved resources


Expected results and benefits


Action steps


Evaluation and review
To ensure that the staffs from F&B management, front-line management are receiving proper course training and job description The existing situation contains two days course induction and lack of job descriptions for the part time F&B staffs (Shevchuk, Temchenko, & Morhun, 2019) To have lengthy job training programs

To have better job description

To conduct better job delegation following goal-setting theory

Better goal adjustments (Mamatelashvili, Mukhamadieva, Akhtamova, & Hisamova, 2020)

o   The HR department

o   Operation management

o   Better job delegation

o   Credible job deliveries

o   Improved services

1.      Teaching new hires, the skills of current employees

2.      Teaching skills to improve the workflow

3.      Teaching skills to implement in the program to support new products and the transitions in the market

The performance and service deliveries would be improved
To ensure that the team is enlarged with better competent staffs to avoid any outlet switching Small team keeps moving around the different outlets To hire more employees

To have them distributed evenly amongst all the outlets

o   The HR department

o   The official executive


Better service managements

Consistency in the service


Identifying hiring needs

Devising a recruitment plan

Advertising position

Recruiting position

Effective distribution of the staffs (Afsar, Shahjehan, & Shah, 2018)

The teams would not have to switch each of their outlets and would not require any changes
To make sure that the performance appraisal is happening more than just once in two years Rare performance review

Nominal performance evaluation (Afsar, Shahjehan, & Shah, 2018)

To effectively monitor and review employee performance

Considering two-factory theory concepts

Evaluate the intrinsic and extrinsic factors

To evaluate the performance (Gupta, 2019)

Supervisor lead

The HRM team


Consistent identification in the shortfalls of performances

Immediate improvements in the performance

Establishing performance standards

Communicating performance expectations with the employees

Measure, compare and discuss the performance standards (Gupta, 2019)

Employees are able to have better control over themselves
To make sure that the hotel manager focuses on the marketing and sales, and operational activities other than just finances (Kis, et al., 2020) Exclusive focus on the hotel manager on just the finances since that fits their expertise To have the hotel manager oversee all the aspects of the business entity (Komarova, Zamkovoi, & Novikov, 2019) Marketing team and sales information

Operational expertise (Shevchuk, Temchenko, & Morhun, 2019)

Overall improvement in all the areas than just the finance management Better audience defining

SWOT analysis

Building advertisements plan

Considering improvements of operational activities

The hotel manager is able to look after all the areas such as the operational activities, sales and marketing besides the finance


Task 2.6

Five SMART objectives


The involvement of the leader would be able to require a competent one, for instance the hotel manager is required to be skilled enough to take care of all the aspects of the business entity such as the operational activities, sales and marketing and as well as the finance management would be required. Effective involvement of the leaders and then managing to have a systemic assessment of the same would be one of the few objectives of the organization that are to be conducted (Gupta, 2019).


To be able to have proper steps and actions set and goal prepared and then perform accordingly to ensure that the overall aspect of action plan leads the business entity towards the better performance, having planning as the guidelines.

Performance review

To be able to have performance reviews, by providing feedback and consistent honest evaluation and face-to-face assessments of the staffs and employees while ensuring the use of tangible and pertinent examples accordingly to have better performance reviews would help have better improvements.

Job description

To be able to have clear job descriptions, especially in terms of the F&B management staffs would help have better job delegation and what the organisation is expects of the staffs and the employees, something that would clarify the overall development of how the organisation is able to hire the competent individuals accordingly (Shevchuk, Temchenko, & Morhun, 2019). Having clear set of job descriptions, sense of job description in terms of the F&B management, the job delegation is not been conducted properly, something that results in poor performance and lead to a total catastrophe when it comes to the delivery of proper quality services and products.


To be able to provide proper training that has clear set of goals and proper organisational requirements in compliant with the organisational standards, would help the overall set of business requirements to effectively get improved and create competent and skilled individuals suitable for the jobs accordingly.

Implementation process

In terms of the involvements and who, the goal is to have involvement of the organizational leader such as the executive leader, supervisor lead, the HRM team. In terms of what, the accomplishment is to have better staff management, proper leadership approval and performance management and quality control (Afsar, Shahjehan, & Shah, 2018). The goal is required to be accomplished (when) within the next 2-2.5 years of the organisational development, since the goal applies to the main aspect of the business entity and that involves the cash generation and better-quality control of the services at the boutique. Better course induction (How) is to be implemented, and making sure that the training is properly provided to the staffs is also important (Kotni & Karumuri, 2018).





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In the event that you don’t like your paper:

  • The writer will revise the paper up to your pleasing. You have unlimited revisions. You simply need to highlight what specifically you don’t like about the paper, and the writer will make the amendments. The paper will be revised until you are satisfied. Revisions are free of charge
  • We will have a different writer write the paper from scratch.
  • Last resort, if the above does not work, we will refund your money.

Will the professor find out I didn’t write the paper myself?

Not at all. All papers are written from scratch. There is no way your tutor or instructor will realize that you did not write the paper yourself. In fact, we recommend using our assignment help services for consistent results.

What if the paper is plagiarized?

We check all papers for plagiarism before we submit them. We use powerful plagiarism checking software such as SafeAssign, LopesWrite, and Turnitin. We also upload the plagiarism report so that you can review it. We understand that plagiarism is academic suicide. We would not take the risk of submitting plagiarized work and jeopardize your academic journey. Furthermore, we do not sell or use prewritten papers, and each paper is written from scratch.

When will I get my paper?

You determine when you get the paper by setting the deadline when placing the order. All papers are delivered within the deadline. We are well aware that we operate in a time-sensitive industry. As such, we have laid out strategies to ensure that the client receives the paper on time and they never miss the deadline. We understand that papers that are submitted late have some points deducted. We do not want you to miss any points due to late submission. We work on beating deadlines by huge margins in order to ensure that you have ample time to review the paper before you submit it.

Will anyone find out that I used your services?

We have a privacy and confidentiality policy that guides our work. We NEVER share any customer information with third parties. Noone will ever know that you used our assignment help services. It’s only between you and us. We are bound by our policies to protect the customer’s identity and information. All your information, such as your names, phone number, email, order information, and so on, are protected. We have robust security systems that ensure that your data is protected. Hacking our systems is close to impossible, and it has never happened.

How our Assignment Help Service Works

1. Place an order

You fill all the paper instructions in the order form. Make sure you include all the helpful materials so that our academic writers can deliver the perfect paper. It will also help to eliminate unnecessary revisions.

2. Pay for the order

Proceed to pay for the paper so that it can be assigned to one of our expert academic writers. The paper subject is matched with the writer’s area of specialization.

3. Track the progress

You communicate with the writer and know about the progress of the paper. The client can ask the writer for drafts of the paper. The client can upload extra material and include additional instructions from the lecturer. Receive a paper.

4. Download the paper

The paper is sent to your email and uploaded to your personal account. You also get a plagiarism report attached to your paper.

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Money-back guarantee

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