Analytical process of financial statements

Executive Summary

The main motive of the assignment is to highlight the analytical process of the financial statements of the chosen company, i.e., Dominos, its financial performance over the financial years of 2018 and 2019 with the use of appropriate ratios or metrics. The paper will be measuring the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow ratios of the chosen firm and their effect on the materiality, detection risk, and overall risk of the firm. The second part of the assignment will be discussing the audit committee and the adoption of IFRS in Australia. Additionally, concerning the chosen firm, the paper will be elaborating on the adaption of corporate governance principles by Dominos.


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Analytical process of financial statements
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary. 1

Part B.. 1

Audit Committee. 1

Domino’s Corporate Governance. 3

References. 6




Audit, Assurance, and compliance


The assignment describes the effectiveness of the auditing board in preparing financial reports. The financial reports are instrumental in attracting stakeholders and investors in the future investment potential of Dominos Enterprise. The role of the auditing board is effective in ensuring integrity and transparency in corporate financial reporting. The selected company here is Dominos Pizza Enterprise, and the details of its financial reporting and accounting procedures are explained in the report. The first part deals with the calculations regarding the variables like the profitability and liquidity ratios and the ratios related to asset management. The calculations regarding these variables are provided that can provide a clear picture of the various factors that are instrumental in calculating the net profit margin of the company. The second part of the report deals with the company’s adherence to the ASX principles of corporate governance. Detailed information regarding the various aspects of the principles that are instrumental in maintaining the good market reputation of Dominos Pizza Enterprise is mentioned in the second part of the report that helps in attaining a picture of the various factors that are necessary for maintaining a fair and justified accounting and financial reporting procedure.

Part A

Economic position and performance of the company

The year 2018-19 turned out to be a very profitable year for the company as it saw a considerable increase in gross sales and revenue. The financial position, as well as the performance of the brand, has constantly been on the rise ever since the organization began its expansion drive. The global distribution of this particular brand has helped them generate a fourfold jump in gross profit and sales, and the projections for the future are very good in terms of profitability and branding. The core business prospects in UK and Ireland continued to deliver a strong financial performance of the brand in the fast-food market. There has been a significant 3.7 % increase in sales in the UK, with digital online sales contributing to a rise of 8.8% in the sales figures. The average growth rate in the sales figure of Dominos in the European country stands out to be 5.3 % which proves as a significant opportunity to capitalize on the European market (Jimoh et al., 2016 pp. 2340-2366). However, the external environment of Dominos was not favorable for conducting business operations that are profitable and feasible. The beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic has potentially caused great loss to the food industry and the fast-food industry. A global player like Dominos managed to cope up with the negative effects of the pandemic due to their global presence and wide distribution network. The number of stores that the company globally operates determines the size and structure (Dominos, 2019). The provision of franchisees had proved to be a game-changer in terms of profitability against investment. The huge number of franchisees helped the company in gaining worldwide recognition in the fast-food market. It offers great profitability against very low capital costs and is considered one of the most viable and feasible business operation techniques for global companies. The innovative online platforms provide the company the desired sales figure that they wanted in the European continent (SAYAVARANONT and PIRIYASURAWONG, 2019 pp. 1461-1468). Moreover, the Australian subcontinent also offers the company great feasibility in sales and revenue owing to the growing number of young age population who are expanding in the country. The financial position of Dominos can be measured by calculating some variables that are integral to the sales ratio.

Profit margin

  1. Margin of profit= net revenue/ amount of sale = 28.0
  2. Invested capital= profit after tax returns/ Total capital invested *100= 86.7

Ratio of liquidity

  1. Present ratio

Present assets/present company liabilities for 2020= $0.96B/0.49B


=$0.16B/$0.42B=1.44 for the year 2019

Quick ratio

= (Present assets – Prepaid costs-Inventory)/ Present liabilities for 2020

= ($0.89B)/$0.49B =1.82

= ($0.55B)/$0.42B = 1.32 for the end of 2019

Asset management ratio

Ratio of asset turnover

=Revenue/ Aggregate of gross asset for 2020= 2.6183

=3.7833 for the end of 2019

Ratio of profitability

Margin of EBITDA for  2019= 17.3928


Asset management ratio

The conversion from invested capital to the net profitability of the company is known as the asset management ratio. The figures of this variable are very favorable in terms of gross revenue and profit, so it can be said that the company had been utilizing the resources to the maximum extent to increase profitability.

Ratio of liquidity

The management of present assets in comparison to the present liabilities of Dominos has been very impressive, and that is why there is a positive outcome of the liquidity ratio that is beneficial for the company (Gruenberg et al., 2016 pp. 189-218). The financial position and company presentation have been quite impressive, according to the reports.

Profit margin

The higher the ratio, the better it is for the company in terms of gross sales. The assets of the company are utilized for attracting the stakeholders of the company for future potential investments. The company experienced steady growth in terms of profit margin in the year 2019.

Return of capital employed.

The return profit against the capital investment proved very profitable for the years 2018 and 2019. Dominos Pizza Enterprise has effectively used the investments to generate good profits and revenue.

Calculation of economic statements

Detailed analysis and evaluation of the revenue declaration, balance sheet, and cash flow ratio are provided in the table.

Particulars 2019 dollars 2018 dollars
Cash equivalents and Cash 190.6 25.4
cash equivalent and limited cash 209.3 167.0
Cash equivalent and asset funding and advertisement related cash 84.2 45.0
Working Capital 121.0 14.6
Gross Assets 1,382.1 907.4
Gross issuance expense debt 4,114.4 3,531.6
shortfall on stakeholders (3,415.8) (3,039.9)


Balance sheet

The table shows the items that increased over a certain time frame, and the gross assets have considerably increased for Dominos in comparison with the balance sheet of 2018, and this is a positive sign for the future of the company (Dominos, 2019). The organization can expect a projection of increased sales and distributed network of franchisees if the company generates profits at the current rate. A projection of 25 billion dollars of yearly sales is expected in the upcoming year ahead.



Statement of Income:

Details 2019 $ 2018 $
US-based company stores 453.6 514.8
Franchisee and royalty fees from the US 428.5 391.5
US advertisement franchise 390.8 358.5
Brand stores 1,272.9 1,264.8
logistics 2,104.9 1,943.3
Fees related to royalty and franchisee                           241.0 224.7
Gross Revenues 3,618.8 3,432.9
Sales expenditure 2,216.3 2,130.2
Margin of operation 1,402.5 1,302.7
Miscellaneous and administrative expenses 382.3 372.5
US-based franchise advertisements 390.8 358.5
working Income 629.4 571.7
Interest-based income 4.0 3.3
Interest on expenses (150.8) (146.3)
Income before a tax return 482.6 428.7
Income tax provision 81.9 66.7
Total  income 400.7 362.0
Per-share earnings on the general stock    
Basic 9.83 8.65
Diluted 9.56 8.35


Therefore, it can be noticed that there has been a substantial rise in the profit margins and revenue of Dominos in the year as compared to the previous year. The gross revenues increased by an average of 68.2 billion us dollars in the fourth quarter of 2019. Although covid 19 has negatively affected the food industry, Dominos did not suffer any substantial losses as the company has a wide distribution of franchisee networks that are spread across the globe. The global increase in revenue and sales can be attributed to increased global outlets and stores, resulting in a considerable increase in the supply chain and global franchise revenues (DAY and STEMLER, 2019 pp 61-106). There was a significant impact on the sales for a short period due to the negative impacts of currency exchange rates. However, this particular issue subsided within a few days, and the operations were back on track for Dominos.

The company had a fourth-quarter global net store growth rate that comprised 492 stores, with 141 in the USA and the rest 351 across the globe. In the year 2019, the company opened 1106 stores across the world, with 250 of them in the USA and 856 in other countries in the world. The huge distribution and expansion program of the brand makes them one of the best and biggest fast-food chains in the world. The projection of the sales growth rate for the year 2019 was far better than the projection of 2018 (Dominos, 2019). Likewise, if the business grows and expands in this way, the company can expect better returns in 2020 than the year 2019. However, there are a few internal and external factors that are responsible for the sales comparability index of Dominos, apart from the exponential sales index and potential store expansion. The financial results of Dominos can significantly be affected by the capital structure amendments, effective tax rates, portfolio changes, and adoption of new accounting procedures. Recapitalization of investments has primarily generated the most desired figures related to the sales and growth of the brand, which is considered one of the leading fast-food brands in the world.


Part B

Audit Board

In general, the Committee refers to the individuals in the sub-group of the company under the board of directors who are accountable for the failure of the financial disclosure to be notified in the reporting procedure. The audit committee is not an auditor and does not play the role of auditors. Still, they work closely with the auditors to make sure that there are no conflicts of interest existing between auditors or any outside consulting firms employed by the company. To obtain success, the audit committee must be aware of the procedures and internal controls in the organization (Rani, A. 2018 (p 35)). The Committee also should cooperate with the independent auditors, management team as well as internal auditors to supervise the preference of accounting principles and policies and to make sure conformity with rules and regulations. In other words, it can be said that the auditing committee should be expressed as an assemblage of the least amount of three persons or more who is in charge of the truthfulness and excellence of the bookkeeping and reporting practices of the firm. The board of directors does the establishment of the audit committee where the Committee is said to be an official entity that is given legal responsibility for the entire supremacy of that firm for its proprietor, lenders as well as inventors (Erasmus and Coetzee, 2018 (p 93)).

The adoption of International Financial Reporting (IFRS) has been one of the most commonly used accounting standards as it is an effective and versatile transformation in the financial reporting history. However, the analytical view of the IFES in Australia has indicated that the implementation of IFRS was the most appropriate system that the Australian corporate could use in the financial system and its specific sections because the standard was suitable for both profitable and non-profitable business. It has been assumed that the influence of IFRS leads to inequity in the transformations and accounting surplus due to the local administration policy of accounting. As per the annual report of 2005 after the implementation of the IFRS, it has been identified that the IFRS and AASB are different standards of accounting. In AASB, the items that increase revenue are reduction or payback, benefits related to the employee, miscellaneous revenue, borrowing the expenses, and the potential gains. On the other hand, the income items that decline lead to disposal of possessions and recognize the previously unrecognized possessions and joint venture. The adoption of IFRS has been positively affecting the framework reporting and accounting Standard all over the world (Muhammad et al., 2020 (p 188)).

However, in Australia, the adoption of IFRS in 2005 has increased the quality of auditing in the Australian corporate world. In simple words, it can be said that this adoption has been harmonizing the corporate accounting activities and have been answering the requirement for high-quality standards to be adopted in the world’s major capital markets. With the changes made in the accounting practices because of the adoption of IFRS, the corporate sectors have developed to an increased level. The financial reports have started improving that has led most of the business organization to develop its business operations and maximize its profitability (Habib, Md Borhan and Mostafa, 2019 (p 498)).

Domino’s Corporate Governance

The main motive of the corporate governance is to emphasize mainly the security of the business report reliability, and the standards are the suitable procedures for the organizations and the audit board to confirm the reliability and the clearness of the corporate statements of the company. Therefore, the appropriate process recommended and adopted by the chosen firm is that the council of corporate governance needs the companies to develop an audit committee with not less hat three members and must make sure that they are non-executive directors. As such, the mainstream must be the individual directors. However, in the firm of Dominos, the audit committee has been formulated with non-executive directors individually.

As per the analysis of the audit committee members and their biography, it can be said that the members are from different backgrounds. As such, it is not possible to analyze the existing information of each member. Therefore, the members of the audit committee of Dominos are James A. Goldman, Diana F Cantor, and Cories S. Barry. As per the in-depth details, it has been identified that James A Goldman was ex-president of the food and beverages division at Campbell Soup Company.

Additionally, he was a senior consultant at McKinsey Company. On the other side, Diana F Cantor was the chairperson of the audit committee and presently works as a partner to the Alternative Investment Management at LLC and holds the chair to the audit committee and compliance committee at Virginia retirement System. Another member, Corie S Barry, serves as the CEO of Best Buy Corporation that helps the business firm to meet the requirements of the suitable intelligence to be a member and brings diversity to the Committee.

Since Dominos is involved with the operation of the food and beverages industries, the audit committee of this firm must comprise intelligent members in terms of finance, economics, etc., because they are responsible for managing the finance and capital market of the firm. These requirements of the audit committee have been fulfilled, as the members are well skilled in terms of managing the financial report of the firm. It is because; the members were highly experienced by working in numerous multinational companies around the world.

Considering the statements explained above, the Domino’s audit committee members involve three members where the chairperson of the Committee is involved as well. These members bring one of the most notable achievements and experiences are the position of CEO to retail giant Best Buy, partner to Alternative Investment Management and past experiences such as CEO of Govida Chocolatier Inc, Deloitte, McKinsey Company are notable profiles of the audit committee members of Domino’s Pizza Enterprise Ltd.

Considering the principles and recommendations of corporate governance, it has been identified that the audit members must disclose all their active participation in the audit charter of the company whenever they come together for a meeting. It is recommended that the audit committee of the firm must hold a meeting every year at the end of each quarter. Any of the members can conduct the meeting, and thus every member must attend the meeting as per schedule.

Hence, the Dominos audit committee conducts the accountability of pre-approving the auditing services, creates effective strategies for the firm, and look after the financial audit and development of the financial statement. This refers to the entire part of supervising procedure of the compliances with the rule and regulations according to the recommendation of the corporate governance. Therefore, it can be said that Domino Pizza considers all the legal recommendations and regulations of corporate governance. As such, it can be assumed that the firm contains a strong audit committee that has been helping the firm to have a better financial statement (Samanta, 2019 (p 852)).


The Dominos pizza company has become one of the largest fast-food companies with one of the widest distribution channels and networks. The annual report of the company projects a tremendous growth rate for the company in the years to come, and it can expect a more significant expansion procedure in the future with integrations, mergers, and franchises. This report is a detailed evaluation and analysis of the financial position and performance of the Dominos Pizza enterprise. The importance of the audit committee is integral to the market reputation of the company. The stakeholders can get benefitted from the fair value of the company in the market. The company follows the corporate governance principles imposed by the ASX and carries a good reputation for conducting a fair and justified audit process.


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Dominos (2019). Domino’s Pizza, Inc. – [online] Available at: [Accessed 20 May 2021].

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